Friday, February 22, 2008

{Stop that Clock}

Oh my how in the world did I get here ? Only 24 more hours of being thirty something ????? Seriously - I honestly cannot beleive I am turning 40. I know many of my friends are 40 - and you are all saying "give me a break". But seriously think back to the day you turned 40. That is a big pill to swallow. I know I will be no different tomorrow than I am today. But whatever - 40 is a big number. And it means I am not thirty something anymore !!!! Okay I will get over it. Maybe tomorrow will just come and go quickly.
As for everything else - life seems to be good. The home bound teacher came yesterday and met with us and he was AWESOME !!!! Morgan's stress was cut in half. Most of the work is computer based which is so good for her. (once we get the computer situation figured out) and he basically told her - just complete the assignments and you are going to graduate. Yippee skippee.
We have water therapy again today and that seemed to be really good for her and I beleive we are going to see a ton of improvement. Now we just keep our fingers crossed that we get her approved for the secondary insurance. If not we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
Got a ton of stuff to do today on my very last day of being 39 - so I better get out and do it.
Happy Friday Everyone !


Kim said...

Wishing you a very happy 40th and I really hope your daughter gets better soon.

Judy said...

You are just a KID (take it from someone with experience) there are many birthdays tougher to take than 40, just wait!!! :0)
I still remember when you had those cute little puppy tails and you thought Donny Osmond was "tupid" me, it seems like just a few years ago! Have a happy day!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I pray for Morgan regularly and Have a very wonderful 40th birthday. Trust me, 40 isn't bad, wait until you hit 60!!!! Yikes!!! I read your blog and love it. If you remember me, Cheryl Smallsreed