Thursday, February 7, 2008

{A Peaceful Night}

Well Morgan got a massage yesterday and it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. My friend Carol called and said her neice was a massage therapist and could come over at 1:00. That was perfect - all the kids were still gone. I closed the drapes, lit a candle and put on some quiet Jim Brickman music. It completely relaxed her and we were able to manage her pain yesterday pretty well. If they didn't cost $60 bucks an hour (which is probably a really good deal) then I would have her come every couple days. But since I am not among the rich and famous then we will shoot for maybe every 2 weeks. Morgan slept peacefully last night and still happens to be sleeping now at 10:30 am. My goal for when I am gone is just to keep her calm and comfortable.

We will hit intense physical therapy again when I return home.

As for me I am a busy bee getting ready for CHA. Spending the day packing, putting in orders and finishing laundry.

Hope everyone has an awesome day !!!!

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