Tuesday, May 19, 2009

{These 3}

Next week "SHE" is getting married. "HE" is graduating from high school and little pooh is graduating from 6th grade. Where did the time go ? Somebody "STOP THAT CLOCK"

Monday, May 18, 2009

{12 days . . . but who is counting}

So it has been a busy week but I feel like we have accomplished alot.

Morgan and Trent got all moved into their apartment (well Trent is moved in Morgan is home until the big day) It is about the cutest apartment I have ever seen. Oh to be young and so carefree.

Enrichment Night was a success - a beautiful program put on by many wonderful sisters.

Memory Mixer class at Scrap Happy. (no more classes until after the wedding)

Seminary Graduation - Congratulations Dylan !!!!!

Okay - so the next 12 days of my life are a tad bit crazy. Coleton's promotion is in 4 days. Dylan's graduation is in 9 days. We have end of the year field trips, programs and HIGH SCHOOL FINALS !!!! Oh yeah and we are twelve days away from Morgan and Trent's wedding. So many little details to finish up. Just trying to stay organized. I will try and pop in before and let you know how I am doing.