Thursday, February 14, 2008

{I made it and the family survived}

I made it home last night about 11 pm - Woo Hoo. The house was still standing, most of the kiddos were snuggled in their beds. Coleton was awaiting my arrival. But Morgan's foot looked horrible - take a look - It is as red as a tomatoe. But her pain seems a little more managable. But the joy of it was she had gotten the flu while I was gone - so she is a sickie. But I said "Moms home and she will get the germs out of this house". I have put all my travels on hold for right now - and I will just focus on my family and my local stores here in Arizona (lucky them - hope they don't get sick of me) Morgan is starting aquatic therapy and we are working on insurance so she can go numerous times a week. if I had the moola I would take her everyday. She is getting really depressed just laying in bed all day and this is the only position her foot feels comfy and safe. So it is a battle to get her up. But I have no idea of the intensity of nerve pain. SO I just need to listen to her. To make my day even more exciting I got a call from the school and they told me to come and pick up karleigh and get her to the eye doctor ASAP. This morning she was complaining her eye was killing her. I could tell she had a cold and I was just thinking maybe her cold had settled into her eye and so I made her take out her contact and we put drops in and such and after a while of being at school her eye was just watering and she was in alot of pain so they sent her to the nurse. The nurse thinks she has a cornea abbrastion (spelling ?) So needless to say I am the doctor taxi today. Will let you know the status of the eye when we return home.

As for CHA - it was fabulous. I loved seeing all the industry friends we only get to see a couple times a year and I am so excited for all the new products that will be arriving in the local Arizona stores very soon !!!!!

Well looks like my little break between dr appointments is over - be back later to check in.

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