Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I love Memory Mixer . . . Just in case you didn't already know

Have you ever looked at some of my fun layouts and wondered how I created them so cute and so fast? 

Well it is with the help of an amazing software program. Memory Mixer. And Version 4 just became available. And now I have away to share the love with all my friends. You can get this amazing software right now for only 29.95. Even if you already have a previous version of Memory Mixer - you surely want version 4. The upgrade price for version 4 is $16.95, this will get you all the new capabilities, but now all the content. Spend $29.95 and get the full upgrade and you get hundreds of dollars of backgrounds and embellishments. 

SAVE $10 - Special Price for friends of Kristan Paolacci
It's always been Fun...Simple...& Easy to Use, but now it's even better!

MemoryMixer V4 is loaded with exciting NEW features plus all NEW content!
Please note: because of the high print quality of MemoryMixer's designs downloads may take up to 1 hour or longer depending on your internet speed.
Also available on disk. reg $39.95

* 18 QuickMixes & Photo Templates * 150 backgrounds * 1,000 embellishments

NEW Features Include:
View V4 Feature Details
*Fit to Screen & Zoom In/Out
*Mix'n Color
*Re-size, Rotate & Reposition Multiple Objects
*Select Through Layers
*Object "Info" Button
*Background Features
*PDF Output
*Improved Fill A Font
*Fresh New Designer Content
*New way to create Album
*New Canvas Sizes (4 x 6 & 12 x 36)

Existing Features Include:
*Drag and Drop Photos
*Fill a Font
*Crop & Zoom
*Add mat to photos
*Color Matching System
*Drop Shadows
*Photo Shapes
*Photo Effects
like B&W or Sepia, brighten, darken, etc.
*Add Text to Shape
*Create Frames and Borders
using background papers or colors.
*Project Patterns...create gift boxes, invitations, envelopes * tags.
*Background Builders ...create customized papers with dots, stripes and plaids.
*Add background music, scanned memorabilia such as report cards, old photographs, art work, diplomas and more.
*Add video clips and narration to your album then burn a DVD or CD and send to family and friends.

Create one album and share it many ways and sizes like:
*Photo Books
*Photo Cards
*CD or DVD to watch on TV
*Make a Movie to email or post on your blog.
*Print at Home

Now it's easy to create something worth Bragging About! 
 Get your copy of MemoryMixer today! Just Click {HERE}

Saturday, February 23, 2013

“There are no coincidences”

 Currently I am at my grandma's house. But we are not here for long. Tomorrow morning we will be getting up and driving to Salt Lake. On Wednesday, my grandma's brother in law, Uncle Bob Tingey passed away. His funeral will be Monday in Salt Lake. My grandma is almost 91 and suffers from Macular Degeneration and is legally blind. She has a really hard time traveling. What a blessing that I am here and can drive her down to her sisters for the services. I am sad that it takes a funeral to see so many family members, but I am thrilled that I am here and can accompany her. 
Needless, to say, I have seen so many tender mercies of the Lord in my life and I truly believe that there are no coincidences.