Tuesday, February 26, 2008

{I am not sure I like the word "AGING"}

yesterday Janna and I went to meet the Glitz Design girls becuase we are now the new reps in AZ for them. They were so cute, I love their product and it we have some good things in the works.

Anyways, on our drive I just kept Janna what a problem I am having with the "4-0" numbers. And she said she did to until our friend Tricia (of scrapbook.com) shared this with her -

Aging is a privilege, not a predicament

Turning 40 is a blessing. You finally know enough to ignore small-minded people AND you have the confidence to do it. You finally have enough confidence to say “no” to things that don’t benefit you, your family, or your priorities, without guilt.

You’ll also notice a difference in the way people treat you – they know not to give you their crap – not to dump on you and they respect what you say more.
Here’s a visual that worked for me - Think about the new mom you see out with her child at the mall. The big huge stroller, the enormous diaper bag, all that STUFF, for that tiny little baby. You always smile at that and think how that new mom is just way too bogged down right? How someday she’ll know better? How she doesn’t really need all that STUFF for the little tiny baby?

Then think of you, after your second child. How you just grabbed a diaper, pacifier, maybe a bottle and hoped for the best when you left the house. That’s what turning 40 is like. Turning 40 is having your second life. You leave the baggage you’ve been carrying around - the emotional baggage. The need to please, the worrying about your looks, trying to be everything to everyone, trying to compete with the younger, prettier girls, etc. You lighten up your load. And when your load gets lighter, you can focus on what’s important to you.

They all assure me 40 is way better than 39 anyday - so I am just going to have to trust them on this one.

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