Sunday, February 3, 2008

{Marissa is 20}

I am still sitting here pinching myself trying to beleive that my baby girl is 20 years old. But if she is 20 you know what that means don't you ? I am gonna be 40 on my birthday in a few weeks. Yikes. Well I couldn't be a prouder mom becuase she is such an amazing girl. She is living in Salt Lake right now and really stretching herself to live life to the fullest. She works full time and is going to BYU Salt Lake at night.

As for the rest of us - we have had a great weekend, (except for missing Marissa on her birthday) Don and the boys went to the NFL Experience yesterday. They seemed to have a fabulous time. Morgan had her friend Andrew over and they actually went to the movies. Morgan is begining to feel back to herself and is working on getting used to walking with one crutch. I think she has began to accept the fact that she is not going to be PAIN FREE for quite a while and she is trying to get on with her life the best she can. She went to church today and stayed the entire 3 hour block. She didn't join us for our annual superbowl party at the Dahl's house - instead she just enjoyed staying home and watching TV by herself. We are all heading to bed early. Morgan is going to try and head back to school tomorrow. She knows she has a lot on her plate, but I keep reminding her - ONE DAY AT A TIME.
Logan has been suffering from an ear infection for about 5 days. I took him to the doctor and got antibiotics - but he is still complaining and just isn't back to himself yet. He stayed home from school 3 days last week, so he really needs to get back to school also.
We have spent alot of time this weekend watching tributes to President Gordon B Hinkley. What an amazing man that truly influenced my life for the better. He will be missed. But I know he had a wonderful reunion in heaven with his dear sweet wife Marjorie.

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