Monday, February 20, 2012


As I was reading Wesley Greene's blog today I am so inspired by his faith and his strength and the strength of his family . . . what an amazing example they are 

The words of his dad, Gary, really touched me today.

‎"Does God interfere with the choices we make? Very seldom, but it does happen.
If He interfered every time there was the potential for injury, death, or heartache we would fail to learn there are consequences for our actions. We would not learn wisdom or common sense. We would fail to learn from our mistakes or the mistakes of others. Without death, injury, or heartache, we, as a people, would be less compassionate, less understanding, and less able to serve others.

Wesley's accident has had a profound influence on hundreds and hundreds of people. IT has caused hundreds of people to hold their dear children closer, to thank their Heavenly Father for the safety of their little ones, to count blessings, to be united as a community, school, ward, and stake. It has moved us to be more compassionate, thoughtful, and empathetic. To judge less and love more. It has caused some to re-evaluate their lives and focus on what is most important and to draw closer to God. It reminds us that as we serve others there is a great joy that comes to our hearts and often we forget about our own trials and heartaches. It teaches us the importance of our prayers and God's will. When tragedy strikes we look past ourselves and focus on doing everything in our power to help others. When we have these experiences it compels us to become what God would have us become."

We will continue to pray for Wesley and his family . . .

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