Monday, February 20, 2012

Being a Mom

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My hubby just called and told me he was putting gas in the car and he and the kids (minus Karleigh who is home with me) are on their way home
A warmth swelled over me. Even though I look forward to my day today to get stuff done. I have missed my boys and my babies and my girl and her man. I by chance just read my friend Margie's blog this morning and it was amazing - her words could have been my exact words. She expressed what was in my heart. Most likely what is in the hearts of many mother's. That is any moms who want to be REAL about life. Any moms who have spent 20+ years raising kids. Time goes fast and we cannot get it back. I think many of us are just doing the best we know how and loving our kids and loving being moms. 
as a young girl if you would have asked me what i wanted to do when i grew up the answer was always the same.
i wanted to be a mother.
i had no desire to have a career.
go to school.
get a degree.
all i wanted was to be a mother.
i have a wonderful job(s).
i have gotten to travel and go places
i am blessed with amazing friendships.
but being a mother is greater than seeing elephants on safari in South Africa.
bigger to me than the Eiffel tower in France.
more amazing than all the tea in China.
being a mother has brought me more joy and sorrow than anything else i have done in my life.
being a mother is the best thing i have done.
my greatest accomplishment.
i don't think i am the best mother.
but i do my best and i try my hardest.
i love my children.
today i am grateful that i am a mother.

today i am grateful i chose to be a Mother.
it's not always easy.
but i am grateful to be one.

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Jean Harper said...

I am so proud of you and the wonderful mother you are to my grandchildren.. you are a wonderful example of compassion, dedication, love, strength, and an example to all those who know you.