Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well one of my favorite things to do every spring is plant new flowers. I love working outside and planting flowers, always reminds me of my dad. He had an immaculate yard. We gave everything a break over the winter and didn't plant winter lawn or flowers this year. So my yard was looking pretty sad. So I was really looking forward to spring flowers. Today was the day. I got kind of a late start and was at Home Depot and picked up my "six packs" and then headed home to start the planting. Let's just say there is not a picture of the finished project, because it is late and  it is dark and I am tired. But they are all planted and I will wake up bright an early to go see the finished project in the early morning sun. Now if my gardener would just get here and pull these spring "weeds: then I can get the yard in tip top shape.

Off to prepare my sunbeam lesson . . . . it will be morning soon and I have a busy Sunday.

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