Monday, February 20, 2012


Say a little prayer . . . . 
This is Don's dad and Delainie. So glad she got here in time for him to snuggle with 
His health is declining and for the last month he has been in the hospital more than out of the hospital. He has multiple health issues that are taking a toll on his body. I guess I am amazed he has hung on as long as he has been able to. 13 years ago he lost his sight to diabetes. His kidneys are shutting down, he has two blockages in his heart and he has a very low platelet count. The doctors have been honest with the family and shared that he would be better off enjoying the life he has left at home vs. being in a a hospital. The hospice nurse came today. We love the hospice nurse who will be caring for John. It was the same nurse that took care of my friend Marge. She is fabulous. She will help to make sure she can help John be as comfortable as he can. He is actually in good spirits since he has been home. He just wants to enjoy what he has left. (here is hoping for 6 months + )  just include him and my family in your prayers. My heart just breaks for my kids. I know how hard it was on them when my dad passed and they had to see him so sick. Now it just brings everything back seeing Grandpa Paolacci sick. I am so grateful that we have an understanding that we will be together again as a family. What comfort that brings.

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