Thursday, February 2, 2012


So today Janna and I drove home from California. It is always nice to get one last night when the trade show is over so we are driving home late at night dead tired. We had a nice peaceful drive (I guess I shouldn't be talking - Janna drove the whole way - I think I may have dozed off a few times) She dropped me off at Don's office as we rolled into town and then Don and I headed to the hospital to visit his dad. I was so happy to see him doing to much better. What a relief. I think the Italian in him makes him a little to stubborn to miss Tina's wedding on March 10th. He's a fighter. Then I made it home to feed the family and catch up with my kids and hop on the computer for the Mixin Mania Crop from my friends at Memory Mixer. They are so fun and they help me to get at least one page done every week.

Morgan sent me this picture of Delainie while I was at CHA and I knew I couldn't wait to get home to scrap it. So I made it onto the facebook page with about 8 minutes to spare and joined them for their online class. 
Here is what I created (In about 15 minutes) I will get it printed from Costco to add to Delainie's album.

Now my house is quite and I think I will catch up on a few emails and head to bed in my big comfy bed !!!

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And We Sailed On said...

I really was missing cha this time around, not sure why! Just the people i think. xoxo