Tuesday, December 2, 2008

{Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl Recap}

Traditionally every Thanksgiving morning the boys wake up early to go and play in the annual "TURKEY BOWL" - it is the event of the year. Dylan and his friends have even been holding practices in preparation for this day. This year we woke up to a cold rainy morning. It was beautiful, but did not make for a good playing field.

The mountains near our house were barely visible. And below is Mountain View Park were the Turkey Bowl is usually held. On this beautiful November morning it resembled a lake more than an empty field. So they needed to make another plan. The Turkey Bowl must go on!!!!!

Every park they went to seemed to look very similar. So they decided to go to Shadow Mountain High School and see if Paradise Valley Ward (another ward that holds an annual Turkey Bowl) would split the playing field.

Logan and Coleton were so excited to be hanging with the big boys they went along to evaluate the high school fields.

The fields were muddy but it was determined that the games must go on and the mud made for a little more excitement!!!!!

Logan seems to be the one designated to retrieve the ball from the mud holes. He didn't care - he was just so excited to be playing with the "big" guys

(Below) Matt Campbell, Jason Theobald, Dylan and Rob Campbell

Below Dylan, Chris & one of the Elders make a plan to take the other team down.

All in all the Turkey Bowl was a huge success this year. The boys had so much fun. The dads had more fun. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Don when he returned home with his shirt torn to shreds. I am sure he was one crazy guy out there on the football field. If you know him you can just begin to imagine. Of course, his 43 year old body needs about a week to recoup from the Turkey Bowl. But I am so happy it was a good time had by all.

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