Monday, December 29, 2008

{Soul Food}

This is my dear friend Janna (my side kick and traveling buddy). Have you ever had one of those friends who truly seeks to find you the perfect gift - made and bought especially just for you ? Well - she has done it again. Last year she got me fuzzy warm crocs (in fact they are on my feet keeping warm right now as I type) and this year she got me my new favorite book and I have so enjoyed reading it. It has helped to fill my cup. Inspire me. Confirm my faith, give me renewed sense of hope and bring me joy.
I have been following the story of Stephanie and Christian Nielson since their accident in August and now I am totally hooked on Stephanie's sister Courtney's blog and following her life and allowing her to inspire me on a daily basis.
Well this book is a printed collection of her blog posts from 2005 - 2008
Simply fabulous !!!

Thank you Janna - I love it !!!!

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