Wednesday, December 3, 2008

{Come What May and Love It}

I remember his words touching my heart this past conference. He spoke with such love and compassion. I felt as though he were speaking to me. I have been touched by his words so many times and I have fond memories of this marvelous man. Years ago at Women's Conference he spoke to us and I can just remember giggling at his cute jokes and feeling the warmth of his spirit fill the entire Marriott Center. He passed away Monday night and joined his loved ones in the eternities. I am sure the heavens were rejoicing to have him return to his Heavenly home. To think that my dad and many others get to be there on these glorious occasions - I just wonder what it must be like. To read more of Elder Wirthlin you can go {here} to read his uplifting words from this past conference go {here}

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