Tuesday, December 2, 2008

{Thanksgiving at the Harper's}

We are so blessed to have the Thanksgiving arrangements we do - my in-laws decided long ago that they did not want to have their children have to compete or spilt time on Thanksgiving and eat two meals. Thank you mom and dad Paolacci. So every year we spend Thanksgiving day with my family and then everyone gets to shop on Friday and Saturday we have Thanksgiving with the Paolacci family. That allows for all those in California to drive over and be here Saturday.

This year we spent Thanksgiving Day at my older brother Steve's house. My sister-in-law Karens family joined us. Such good food. Karen's twin sister is a gourment pastry chef and so she always bring so yummy, yummy food. This year it was a key lime tart. And my brother Steve is quite the cook. My pictures from Thursday are all blurry and it makes Steve's face look all weird and Kathryn looks as though she is almost invisible in front of the fridge. But I still remember the memory and I know that it is a bad picture.

Of course the boys were still in the football spirit and spent the majority of their time playing catch in the backyard.

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