Tuesday, December 2, 2008

{Paolacci Family Thanksgiving}

Almost everyone joined us for Thanksgiving (we were missing Marissa (still in Ukraine) Kamri (Chargers Cheerleader and had a game on Sunday) John, Meg & Katie (in Ohio) We missed them all so much and look forward to the time when we are all together.
We had dinner at Melissa and Rob's. It just makes it much easier when there is a one year old involved to have it at their house. Lot's of family, lot's of food, lot's of fun !!!!!
Grandma Paolacci was in heaven taking care of the puppies!!!
(The little white one is Kayslee's new puppy Rhea)

Cute little Matthew enjoying his dinner !!!

Jade just loved playing with all of Matthew's toys (did we mention he is the kid that has EVERYTHING)

Cousins enjoying being together

Ariel and Tracey (Don's oldest sister)

Dave (Brother-in-law) Kayslee and Nathan (Kayslee's Boyfriend)
Keila and Kayslee (Kayslee's new album will soon be debuting and she will begin her tour sometime in 2009)
Ariel and her boyfriend Richie - we REALLY like him. So does she. Luckily he will be leaving on his mission in less than a year. He is a great catch and Ariel is an amazing young woman. I am so proud of her and the really good choices she has made in her life.
(more pictures to come later)

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