Wednesday, December 3, 2008

{Such Handsome Boys}

Junior Assembly

These boys are stylin' - Cool Conelly Packard & Cool Coleton Paolacci

This year Coleton and a few of his 6th friends decided to participate in Junior Assembly. This is a program that is offered to the 6th graders in our area. Junior Assembly is a program that provides instruction and practice in ballroom dancing, etiquette and the social graces that I believe will be so necessary in the future. I believe that by participating in this program it will help to develop social self-confidence that our young men so desperately need. I also believe that children gain self confidence when they exhibit thoughtfulness and consideration to others in a respectful manner. I have always been so pleased with the program and was so excited when Coleton said he wanted to take part in it. This week they practiced for their Christmas Dance which will take place next Monday and then in February Don and I will get to attend the Valentines Dance.

Priesthood Preview

Coleton, Zach, Mason, Dillion & Conelley with Bishop Davis

Sunday night our ward held it's annual "Priesthood Preview" this is a special night just for the 11 year old boys. This is a special opportunity for the Bishop to meet with the boys and their parents and help boys understand the importance of the priesthood and strengthen their commitment to prepare to receive it when they turn 12 years old. All of the boys (except Dillion) have older brother's who hold the priesthood and have watched their examples and are excited for this next step in their life. It was a very special evening with Mason Jennings giving a wonderful talk, Ed Packard Speaking about the example his father set for him being a worthy priesthood holder and then Conelley played a wonderful piece on his cello. The evening concluded with a special message from the Bishop and of course refreshments.

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