Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and A Much Needed Day Off

I have always heard my friends out there in the corporate world talk about taking "a mental health day" Even though we still have a week left of Christmas break I am officially taking "a mental health day" today. A day full of things that will fill my cup. Going to the temple, dinner with my hubby, girls night "in" at my moms.

We had such a wonderful Christmas week. We had Marissa home for a week and now I am truly missing her. Words can not even explain how amazing this girl is. Words cannot even explain how much I love her.

What a wonderful week we had - Emily & Paul's wedding, A wonderful Family Night at Jason and Jamie's with our entire family - the only person missing was my dad and I am sure he was with us, An evening spent at the Forgotten Carols performance, and then Christmas Eve was spent providing Christmas for our foster daughters family (3 adults and 5 children) the look of joy in their eyes was priceless. The kids enjoyed a visit to Grandma Jeans to decorate cookies and watch the Reflections of Christ. Then Christmas morning we had Don's sisters over and then the rest of Christmas day was spent at my brothers with my family. I love family time. No place I would rather be.

There were many gifts given and received and everyone seemed well pleased - but the greatest gift I am thankful for is the gift my Savior gave me. I am grateful for the Atonement. I am grateful for the promise of eternal families. I love my family more than anything this world could ever offer. It brings me such peace knowing that my Heavenly Father knows me individually, just as he knows you and he is there for us through it all.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - thank you for your love and support through everything. We have been truly blessed with such loving , caring people in our lives.

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