Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8

Today I am so thankful for my brother-in-law Paul. He is super, duper smart when it comes to computers. I love to cook and he fixes computers so it seems to be a good exchange. I am really not sure what we would do without him. He is always willing to help his family out and for that I am grateful. I love his company and he can work wonders with computers. So originally HP quotes Karleigh $350 starting price to fix her computer. Paul came over and two hot dinners later, a new $30 memory card, defrag, updates, patches and all that fancy computer stuff that he does and she is up and running. How grateful I am that different family members have different talents to share. I just hope that I can bring to the table things of value for others and help them the way others have helped me.

Thanks Paul - we think you are awesome !!!

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