Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7

I am so grateful for modern technology. How lucky I am to sit down to my computer on Monday mornings and see a message that says
"Hi Mom ! Are you there ? "
I LOVE that we now have email instead of snail mail. I often find it funny when I listen to moms who say "well back in the day we would have to wait weeks and weeks for letters to arrive in the mail. You know it is like the "I had to walk a hundred miles in the snow to get to school". So I am so happy that I am a missionary mom TODAY and I can email my missionary every Monday.

Don't ask me to make plans on Monday morning. There is a reason I have a "home office day" every Monday. I am sure you can already picture me hugging my computer. Call me a freaky missionary mom, it is what is, but I love my boy.

Time really is going so fast. One of Dylan's best friends Coy is coming home next Wednesday, which just seems crazy !!! And Dylan will be coming home the end of July. Really it is just around the corner.
You hear all the rumors how a mission changes a young man. Well believe them. They are true. First of all, the fact that my son can speak like he was born and raised in South America blows me away. That my son LOVES the very humble conditions in which he lives. That my son, a boy with the last name Paolacci, the son of Don Paolacci (if you are one of my children you know exactly what I mean) LOVES to be up by 6am. That my son quickly begins to LOVE the people that he serves. In fact he has so much LOVE for these people that his heart is about to burst. The fact that I know he LOVES his family, he LOVES home and he LOVES his friends here. But the thought of coming home and leaving the people of Peru is something he cannot and does not even want to imagine. I should not be surprised because I always knew he would grow into an incredible young man, but I am totally blown away.

I can tell by pictures that he is still our fun, loving Dylan. He has the ability to make everyone he serves with and everyone he meets feel at ease and he is a true friend to all.

He has turned into an amazing teacher, leader and friend. He loves to serve others and finds so much happiness helping people.  His love for the gospel is so deep. He loves the Savior and he is a wonderful example of the sharing the love our Savior has for us. He is giving 110% to his mission. He knows he will never get these 2 years back and he is giving it his all and it shows. He has lost himself in the work and it shows. I miss him, but I feel so blessed that he is such an amazing missionary and the service that he gives now will bless him for the rest of his life.

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