Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5

I am thankful that I can work and help to contribute to raising this family that just keeps getting bigger and bigger (and I am loving it)
I have an amazing job in the scrapbook industry that allows me to work with amazing people. I feel like I have been truly blessed to have met my now dear friend Janna in the scrapbook store about 8 years ago and I had the opportunity to start working for her.
I truly have the best job that allows me to work from home and spend my days with the owners and employees of the best scrapbook stores in the world who have truly become some of my best friends. To work for the best manufactures in the industry. All while enjoying the craft I love and sharing with people my passion for preserving your family story and creating memories that will last for generations.

Did I tell you I love my job ? And I Love this girl !
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