Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Dinner

There is a lady in our ward who I have watched for years. I grew up with some of her kids. Every Sunday she puts on Sunday dinner for her family. It's not like she has one or two kids. In fact I think she has 9 or 10 (I lost count along the way) and each of those kids has anywhere from 3-6 kids and now she also has great grand kids. She has a huge back yard and sets up tables and chairs and lot's of different rooms for grand kids to hang out in. As far as I know Sue makes dinner for her entire family every Sunday afternoon and all the kids, grand kids and great grand kids come. This is what I want. This is what I am striving to create. Right now it is Morgan, Trent and Malorie that come home for Sunday dinner. Marissa and Christopher are in Chicago (not sure they will ever come home to Arizona - but if they do they will know there will all be Sunday dinner at mom's house and the door is always open) If they stay out of state forever that means that grand kids will one day get to come and have vacations at grandma's house. One day !!! I remember all the memories created in the back yard of my parent's home and hopefully I can create similar ones for my family.
So with kids getting married and grand kids coming along I have started Sunday dinner and they know they are always welcome. Sunday's are awesome ! I love it ! My favorite day of the week. We have had to work hard to protect them and keep them family day's and we have been successful so far. I must say if I left it up to some of my youngers they may not keep it sacred. Logan's baseball team begs him to play on Sunday's and Karleigh worked on Sunday's this summer (which I didn't like one bit) but hopefully one day they will look back and thank me for keeping it a special day. We go to church as a family, come home, eat lunch - which right now my boys favorite after church lunch is cheese quessadilla's. They get out the big griddle or quessadilla maker and whip up a bunch of quessadilla's, then everyone has quiet time watching movies, reading, napping (or me blogging) Then I LOVE making Sunday dinner.

Today's menu includes meatloaf,mashed potatoes, salad and corn. (Corn is the only veggie my boys will eat right now and so it seems like we have corn with every meal) I love the new way I make meatloaf. I am sure my great grandma's did it this way for years before all the fancy pans came out. I have always hated my meatloaf sitting in grease as it cooks and even in the meatloaf pans they sell you still miss even crust all the way around. So here it is - I line my roasting pan with foil, place the cooling rack on top. I cut a piece of foil a little larger than my loaf. I poke holes all the way around, so that fat can drip below. I know - probably something everyone does. But I just started doing it this way and I love it.

Doesn't this look yummy !!!!

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