Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Karleigh

DOB 9-3-93 
Isn't that a cool birthday !!!
I picked it myself. I was being induced and Dr. Nelson asked 
"so any special day you want to have this baby girl ?"
So I looked at the calendar and saw 9-3-93 and said that is a 
fabulous number !!! A number everyone will remember !!!
 But what will we name this sweet baby girl. Marissa and Morgan were my favorite girls names all growing up. And I knew when I grew up that is what I wanted to name my first 2 little girls. McKenzie was also a favorite. My entire pregnancy with Dylan we thought he was a girl and we were going to name him McKenzie. So I felt like this baby needed a name of her own. I LOVED the name McKay also and knew that is what I wanted for her middle name.  I wanted to give her a family name, but I also wanted her to have a name of her own. So much thought went into naming this baby. I was thinking she may be my last baby girl so I wanted no regrets on naming her. I had two "M" names - Marissa and Morgan. Two "D" names - Don and Dylan. And so I wanted her to share something with me. I was going to give her a "K" name. I started putting combinations together and then one night as I was in bed watching her roll all over in my tummy. It came to me. My middle name is Leigh. I would name her Karleigh !!! I loved it !!! And when I put it together with McKay I loved it even more !!! 

Karleigh McKay Paolacci - I love You !!! Now and Forever !!! 
So happy you picked me to be your mom !!!

18 Years Years Old

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