Monday, September 19, 2011


I was so excited when I saw that Chicago was on the map as we drove cross country to Washington DC. Marissa and Christopher just moved to Chicago and we were going to be able to stop and spend some time with them. It was SOOOOOO nice !!!! I LOVE this girl more than words can ever explain. I hope one day they will end up back in Arizona or Utah where they can be close by. But for now they are finishing school and living such a fun life in Chicago. Christopher got into graduate school at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  And Marissa will be attending Columbia. They live in the cutest neighborhood. With lot's of these cute, unique 3 story houses. Theirs is a house that has been converted into 3 apartments. There is so much green and lot's of trees. Glenn (the cat seems to love it) and Margaret their dog is just darling. Monday night we went to a fun new hip Mexican food place and get this, I actually got "carded" when we went in !!!! 
Then Tuesday morning we went to breakfast with them at this cute breakfast shop by their house called Toast !!! If you are ever in Chicago I would HIGHLY recommend it !!! It was delicious. Probably the BEST breakfast place I have ever been too !!! So if you don't have a reason to go to Chicago - now you do !!! This is a little place that should make everyone's bucket list of yummy places to go eat !!! Then you can walk down the street and visit my cute girl !!!
I wish we could have stayed longer and spent more time with them. But they are working and studying hard. Sure am going to miss them. I LOVE this girl soooo much !!! If you know my Marissa you know how awesome she is and how she is just so enjoyable to be around. Everyone loves her - She is AMAZING !!!! She is my girl and she has my heart in Chicago. (here is hoping we can get her home when Delanie is born)

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