Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Week . . .

Well things have started off good so far (positive thinking) Once I finally got the boys up and out the door to school. Seems as though they are so hard to get on Monday's. Guess we are just going to need to move bedtime to 8:30 tonight. I have growing boys who require so much sleep and let's just say they are not happy campers and do not roll out of bed very easy unless they have received the required amount of sleep. My poor Karleigh is still struggling with mono symptoms. They have come and gone and come and gone, but this time it seems they are really knocking her down. She get's blood work this afternoon and so that will give us a better indication of what is going on.I just finished chatting with my missionary and I am ready to conquer my Monday to do list. Lot's to get done this week as I need to be ready to take off on Friday and be gone for a week. So no more time to sit and chat on here. Go and have a good day my friends !!!!

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