Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It doesn't feel like Tuesday

Loved the nice long holiday weekend. Loved having family time yesterday. Just spent the whole day together. And I did - well nothing. Just enjoyed being with family. Watching kids swim. Being entertained by Malorie. Eating barbecue (okay I made onion burgers, but my brother grilled), visited with my mom and sister in laws. Celebrated birthdays. And just had an enjoyable day. 

My little girl turned 18 this weekend . . . she is quite the rock star. That is her kitty Darla. Darla is so lucky Karleigh loves her because she is a tad bit on the evil side as far as cats go.

So today is Tuesday and it feels like Monday. I am conquering my to do list and on a quest to create a daily to do list that I can just fill in with the basics. Keep them in a notebook when I am done so I can use it to go back and reflect. But until then this is what my crazy day looks like. 

All which needs to be done by 2 pm when I go take care of my little lady friend Adelle. Almost done - back to work !!!!

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