Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eternal Consequences . . .

Sometimes if I think to hard life can get a bit overwhelming . . .that is the time when I need to take a moment and sit and reflect and REMEMBER the things with the most importance. To remember one of the most important things that I heard from President Uchtdorf's message "the difference between GOOD and foolish sacrifices"

Sometimes when I loose my patience with those around me I need to continually remind myself that we are all on this journey together and truly the only person I can change is myself. 

Even when "those" = ME 

So today I have made my list and asked my Heavenly Father to help to accomplish the things that would have the greatest impact on my family. I know that I can never accompalish ALL that I hope for in a day. But hopefully I can accomplish those with the most importance.

So here's to having a great day !!!

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And We Sailed On said...

You are wonderful. Good reminders, I agree.