Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Way Back "Whensday"

So many things I LOVE about this picture.
I LOVE those two precious little girls. Marissa was 3 and Morgan was about 20 months. It was right before Dylan was due and I was on bed rest, so that cute daddy you see there was busy helping me alot. I LOVE their cute bows and white socks and tights. I remember every Sunday morning doing their hair and having two of the cutest little girls that you ever saw walk into church. This Sunday was a special one because it was the day  of Jason's mission farewell. They were both super friendly outgoing little girls and Marissa could carry on a conversation with anyone. Especially all of her Uncle Jason's friends at that time. She had a super big crush on a few of his friends. You know how 3 year old girls LOVE 19 year old boys. At least mine did. One favorite memory of Marissa at this time was she was so fascinated with her Uncle Jason going on a mission and his best friend Rob. Oh Marissa had the biggest crush on Rob. I can remember the day Rob got his mission call to Hungary, Marissa announced to all the world "If Rob can go on a mission to hungry, then when I grow up I am going on a mission to "MILKSHAKE". Probably not to funny to anyone but me.  She had the cutest personality. And there was Morgan right there behind her doing everything her big sister did. One of the best memories of this picture is that it was in my parents backyard. The place where we spent many Sunday afternoons together as a family. 
Sweet memories.

I also look at this picture and I think of the two precious little granddaughters I am going to have and how fun it will be for Morgan and Trent to raise two little girls close together. I LOVED it. It was a little bit of heaven. I know that Malorie will be just as good of a big sister as Marissa was and she will LOVE her younger siblings. 

I could look at this picture for hours - I LOVE them so much !!!! 
Can't believe my baby girls are in their 20's

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