Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something to think about . . . . the affects of social media

So I was reading this article by FLYLADY because I have been thinking alot lately what makes people have the want and need to criticize certain things and behave in ways that they do ?
I always grew up with the teaching                                                                                                             "if you can't say something nice then say nothing at all" 

 How I wish this was taught and practiced more often. Especially on the Internet. I do believe indeed that many times when you find someone who has a need to constantly tear someone else or something else down it is just their insecurities screaming out. Because truly if one is happy in their own life they do not have the time or would they want to spend their energy spreading around negativity or hurtful things. I was reminded of this just recently when one of my boys was unable to get a movie ticket to transformers and decided to take it out on his face book status and let the entire world know how angry he was. After chatting with him about how words affect other people I thought How many times have I done this? (this is a reminder to me to let him back on face book to change that status. Because I had told him that I really didn't think that the Internet was the appropriate place for expressing his anger at the moment) Luckily he was just expressing his frustration at the situation. But many times I will see those express their feelings or words in a negative way towards people. It takes longer to heal from words than bruises, especially those coming from a loved or respected person in your life. So we all just need to be careful what we put out there. Becuase once we have put it out on the world wide web it is there forever (even if we delete it)
Have you ever tried to understand how your words affect others?  I think it is something that we all need to be a little bit more aware of. There is enough bad stuff out there on the Internet. Let's not contribute to it. Let's try to be contributors for the good. 
One of my favorite quotes

“That upon which we choose to focus determines our perspective.”  Dhammapada.
I will try to focus more on the "good things" in life 

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{connie} said...

so, so true kristan! I wrote a blog about this very thing last year. it's even more harmful when others believe what they hear or read, that is not true of others. we need to stop and think before we speak or write. thanks for this reminder. "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will ALWAYS hurt me". you my friend are amaZing!! love you.