Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Matter Where You Are . . . .

You are always in my heart and I'll be here for you !!! 
What a beautiful message from my all time favorite music artist - Donny Osmond.
As a parent sometimes it is hard to let the apron strings loose, whether they are going on a mission, going away to school
 or getting married. 
I miss my kids terribly and sometimes don't cope very well with them being so far away. I am sure I will be learning the life lessons of being a parent until the day I return to live with my Heavenly Father. 
But this I know
 "I love being a mom"

And I also know this

I am not perfect and I make many mistakes. 

But make no mistake

I LOVE my children with ALL my heart.

And I will always be there for them and the door to home 

is ALWAYS open - no matter how many children 

or pets they ever want to bring with them.

(click this link to listen)

Thank You Donny !!!

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