Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend : Homecoming, Balloons, Tyler & Just Hangin' in There}

The weekend started with homecoming. We love homecoming. Here is a picture of Karleigh and one of her best friends Katie getting ready to walk in the parade in front of the freshman float.
This is the first year in about 10 years that I have not been at the parade :(

They had a great time - even though Shadow lost the game.

I don't have any dance pictures yet but I will post when I do. Dylan and the boys did such a great job of planning their date and taking care of all the details.
So proud of that handsome young man of mine.

Then Saturday Renee, Jade & the baby surprised us and came over. We haven't seen them in about 4 weeks and everyone was missing everyone. Since Don was home with Morgan I was able to run Jade over to {Tyler's birthday}party for a bit. He is 6 and Jade just loves him. It was so nice to see them. To have their fun little spirits in our home. They have been so worried about Morgan also and just wanted to see her and know that things will be okay (they will won't they)

Coleton and Logan had a busy day of baseball on Saturday.
They are both playing on the same team and have the best coach ever (Don)
Karleigh came home from the dance sad. (first of all I am not a fan of school dances - but since her group of freshman girls spent so much time decorating for the dance - I had agreed they could go to dinner and then to the dance as a group) well - unfortunately when she got there her friends took off with boys and she was left alone. Such a hard age. But I told her I was so proud of her. But no matter how proud your parents are of the good choices you make it still makes it hard. Do you ever remember being a teen and having your friend ditch you for a boy ? I do - and it stinks. We have had lots of emotions and lots of tears going through our house this weekend.

Sunday brought the anniversary of my dad's passing. Every year on the anniversary we have the kids write notes to grandpa - attach them to white balloons and send them off to heaven.
Something they always look forward to.
I love my family -

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