Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Love this scripture - especially right now in my life.

So about a year ago while sitting in hotel room just surfing different scrapbook sites. I stumbled upon all these really cute doodled quotes. I saved them all to a file to use for inspiration. Boy they sure do come in handy. I did not create them - I just admire them. They make me feel good and bring me peace and gentle reminders. I would love to figure out where they came from. First of all, to give credit where credit is due - because this gal is so inspiring and so ubberly talented. Secondly, because I enjoy her work and would love to see more. I know she is a frequently published artist and I can even imagine her face. But my brain is on overload and I just haven't been able to locate her name. So I need your help. If you know the artist I am referring to will you send me her name and a link to her blog if you have it.
Thanks so much friends.
EDITED : Okay- all I needed was another brain for a bit, HEATHER knew exactly who I was talking about it is Stephanie who creates these amazing doodles - you can check out her blog {here}


heather said...

I am betting it's homegrownhospitality.typepad.com

Good Luck! Her blog is adorable & inspiring!

Kristan Paolacci said...

Yes - Heather that is it!!! Thanks so much - see I just need a new brain or at least one I can barrow for awhile.