Tuesday, October 7, 2008

{Families Are Forever}

Came across this picture tonight of my dad. Grandpa's lap is the place every grandchild wanted to be. That is cute little Marissa at about 2 snuggled on his lap. As the first born grandchild she got lot's of special time with my dad. I know she has memories she will treasure forever. I sit here looking at his eyes as if it were just yesterday that he was here. And it wouldn't even seem strange for him to walk him my door right now and say "Hey Sis". I miss him. Especially at times like this when I wish I had him right here with me. I wish I could snuggle up on my dads lap and have all my cares go away right now. It is reassuring to know that we will see him again. That we have the blessings of the temple. That he made sure our family was sealed for eternity. I know he watching over us.

- Thank You Dad -

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Ann Corbiere-Scott said...

oh kris-
i love that picture, both of your dad-who has the most kind eyes and sweet marissa-time, it is a crazy thing isn't it? you are all in my heart as always.