Friday, October 10, 2008

{Fall Break}

Well it is fall break here in Phoenix, AZ. The kids get a four day weekend - wooo hooo.

Karleigh left for California on Wednesday night with her best buddy Megan and her parents and they were going to Magic Mountain. Karleigh really needed a break. She has been really having a hard time (as all of us are) watching her sister struggle thru these seizures. So I am so glad she could get away from it all for a few days and have some fun before starting her 2nd quarter of her freshman year.

Dylan helped throw a surprise party for his buddy Coy last night. Coy will be 18 this week. Crazy !!!!! one year till his mission. Then he was off to the football game tonight and then tomorrow Don gave him 12, count them yes 12 tickets for him and his friends to go to Castles and Coasters. Can you say HUGE group date. Albertson's (whom Don is a buyer for) is having their big family day and they have it reserved for just them. Don couldn't go because he is being super dad and went to work at 4 am this morning so he could get off at 10 and he came home and took Coleton and Logan to go hike the Grand Canyon. What an awesome dad he is. We are so blessed. The boys were so excited.

I told them they have to down both of those gatorades before they even got to the Grand Canyon. So I am sure they had to make some potty breaks along the way. My boys are turning into quite the little hikers. Hopefully when Marissa gets home she will be up for some hiking with them. Don just called and he actually has coverage on the plateau they are camping on tonight. So I can say "goodnight" to my little guys.


OK said...

Wow, you do have alot going. So sorry about Morgan. I keep thinking about her since I learned of her constant seizures. My heart breaks for her, as we endure our trial here. We've actually had an OK week. But with nerves as you know, nothing is forever.
Tell her we are thinking of her, and praying for her. She's young and strong. We know she will overcome this! Love Lynn

Jill said...

Kristan, I SO Admire you! You are such a GOOD MOM! I wish I was as stong as you are!

Kristan Paolacci said...

Thanks Jill - I don't know that I feel like a great mom right now - I am just trying to stay positive with everything that is going on - I feel as though I am just hanging on by a thread.