Monday, September 1, 2008

[Okay-one last post-I talked to Marissa-Election}

Can you tell I am stuck in bed with a hurt back. Well exciting news - I got to talk to Marissa yesterday before she went to bed. This Skype thing is pretty cool. It was just like a normal conversation just over my computer. The family she lives with speaks English and Russian. Anna is the daughter and Marissa said she stays in Anna's room and then Anna sleeps with her parents. They seem very nice. Anna is 11 and she seems to be really excited about having a 20 year old sister for 4 months. Good thing Marissa is used to little brothers and sisters because I think Anna wants to do everything Marissa does. You know how I told you about the blog of the family from Seattle that is living in the Ukraine that I stumbled across ? Well I sent her an email and told her about Marissa. Marissa said "mom so your emailing people in the Ukraine?" I guess the Melenchuk family is in her branch and she said to Marissa yesterday "hey I got an email from your mom". Marissa said she just laughed, she knows me all too well. She said they attend the international branch and it is very small, but it is very nice - so everyone who is from the states in the Ukraine attends that branch. Also, the mission president in Kiev is the dad of one of Marissa's friends from BYU. How cool is that !!! The gospel is amazing. You have a connection no matter where in the world you are. Makes a mom feel good. Today is the first day of school for Marissa - she has to ride the metro about 30 minutes to get to the school - she is teaching cooking for the next four weeks. I guess the kids have rotations and the teachers teach the same subject for four weeks in a row. She said today they are making "ants on a log". Today is also Anna's first day of school. So lot's of excitement. I got to talk to Anna and her English is very good. I asked how she spoke so well and she told me she went to the English school. So that is awesome. All is good with Mariss. I can't wait for pictures.

Okay - now for the election-as many of you know I was a huge Mitt Romney supporter and I will admit that I was somewhat sad he was not on the ticket. But I am confident that Mitt Romney will be he President of the United States one day. I know many people believe that I support Mitt because I am Mormon. But the truth is - that is not the truth. I support Mitt Romney because his values and the things he stands for are very much in line with what I believe.

Yes - I am a Republican. But that doesn't mean I love everything about every Republican. Or just because they are republican they are going to get my vote. Like McCain, really I think he is old and kinda grumpy. But he is smart and I feel that he brings the most experience to the table. They don't have to be my best friend - but they do need to be capable of running a country. I must say that when Senator McCain announced Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate I had tears in my eyes as I listened to her speech. I have heard about her a bit in the past and when you talk about finding someone whose values are in line with yours - she is my pick. Would I be confident if something happened to John McCain and Sarah Palin was left to run our country - YOU BET. (Plus maybe she would pick Mitt to be her VP) But seriously - this is a go getter - I find it funny that the press has searched diligently to find some trash about her and NOTHING. I think they are wasting their time. I think McCain did his homework. She is powerful. Picking a woman who lives up to her values, she is a role model, and a working mom. I think she is someone we can relate to and she can relate to us. Yes - she talks the talk and walks the walk. And she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She deals with real family struggles just like you and I. So no matter how you vote, make sure it feels right in your heart. Don't allow the label of a party to choose your candidate. Look at who you are and what you believe in and find someone closest to the values that you hold dear to your heart. Thanks John McCain for picking Sarah Palin - I really like her.

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