Monday, September 1, 2008

{I am the lucky one}

No this is not our Christmas picture. We just wanted to take a current family picture before Marissa left for the Ukraine. We will be snapping our Christmas card photo when she returns - just days before Christmas - when it's not 105 and 80% humidity outside, You probably can't tell but we were dripping it was so hot. But we just took some fun photo's of the kids. Nothing special. Just being together. We were not planing on one with Don and I and then I have to practice what I preach about not always being behind the camera. Between me and my two brothers we have 13 kids and we all live within about 10 minutes of each other so it is such a blessing that our kids get to be raised together. We are a pretty wild and crazy family when we are all together. Actually - I would say it is Don and Jason who get the craziness going.

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