Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simply Amazing

Simply Amazing !!! Can you believe that Emily ran 108.8 miles in 22.5 hours - straight with only bathroom breaks every few hours. She has been blessed with an incredible talent and a HUGE heart. Love this girl !!! She is such an inspiration to so many. Those who meet her can't help but love her.
One thing that I have gained from this entire experience of watching Emily this weekend is that we have all been blessed with different talents. Emily has taken her talent that she has been blessed with and developed it to perfection and she is now using this talent to bless the lives of so many. She raised over $21,000 this weekend to help build schools for children in India.
This weekend has motivated me to look at the talents that I have been blessed with and think more about how I can develop them and share them. No I will probably never be a runner (I can almost see into the future and promise you this) but I know the Lord has blessed me with other abilities that I can share. Probably never to this extent, but if you can use a talent or skill that you have been given to bless the life of even one person, then it will have been worth it.
Thank you my friend for being such an amazing example to all of us.
Because of you I have been changed.

Read more about the building schools for children in India at

and  if you have not had the chance to donate you can still do so here

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