Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Look at this darling coupon box cover . . .

Take a look at this fabulous box cover my friend Susan made for me. 
I was stuck with the dilema that my lid would not fit on my coupon box, and I could only imagine the nightmare of it tipping over and everything falling out. My original idea was just an elastic cover (you know kind of like a shower cap) because I don't sew, I thought this would be the easiest. I enlisted my friend Susan's help a a few hours later this was the result.
It is a quilted box cover made out of the cutest fabric !!!
It has a little elastic button loop so it stays secure. and it acts like a basket when it sits in the cart or when I am sorting coupons. 
I just love it so !!!
if you want one to just email Susan at

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