Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coupon Sense

I began using COUPON SENSE about 8 years ago when introduced to it by my sister in law. I had couponed since the time my kids were little, but Coupon Sense made it so much easier. 
Coupon Sense offers “a one stop shop” for coupons.
I immeidately began saving 50 to 70 percent on the average.
And as far as toiletries,I basically always got those for FREE.
Coupon Sense made it so easy, they provided me with a match-up list every week of the best deals and a weekly shopping list that sorts coupons from the newspapers.
I have a live COUPON COACH so if I ever  have any questions I can CALL, EMAIL or TEXT her and she get's back to me pretty quick.
Bascially coupon sense takes all the hard work out of shopping each week by telling me which coupon to use when and where.
About a year ago I began to think I was so smart that I did not need to pay $15 a month for this service. Let's just say my grocery budget was gone as I knew it. If I wanted to save money I would spend hours finding deals. And I bascially stopped couponing becuase it became too difficult.
Why try and re-invent the wheel. Coupon Sense is a one stop shop.
Don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. Guess what ?
You can even try it FREE for a month without any commitment.


Coupon Sense Rocks

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