Thursday, September 12, 2013

Go Emz . . . . . . .

This is my friend Emily and let me just tell you - she is AMAZING. 
No I am not a runner. But if anyone might one day inspire me to run it might be Emily.      For now how about I just start walking on a treadmill. That will be a good start. 
Emily LOVES her treadmill and so let me begin working on a relationship with mine.

Let me just tell you one thing, you will never meet a kinder, more gentle soul than this girl. She is AMAZING. Talk about going out and doing good in the world. 

She is heading to San Fransico today
Tonight at 8:00 pm she will begin her 24-hour treadmill run  to raise money and awareness for
 a non-profit organization that is building schools for children in India. 
She is going to run OVER 100 MILES - yes you read that right - OVER 100 MILES !!!!

Check out her donation page­nemz and if you are able please donate to this amazing cause. If you are unable to donate just take a moment and help raise awareness and share with others. 

Since we cannot travel to San Fransico to watch her and cheer her on. We will be streaming it live video stream via  http://www.ustream.t­v/channel/run-emz

Go Em Go !!! You. Freaking. Got. This.

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