Saturday, June 28, 2008

{Love Saturday}

Just taking it easy getting laundry done, working on stuff for the service project, staying inside and staying cool. I am working on my YW lesson and I came across the cutest little quote and it is so fitting for me. You know I don't really ever get that upset very often and when I do I sometimes just think to myself get over it. But a couple weeks ago I had my feelings hurt. I knew I just needed to get over it but I couldn't, it really made me sad. Well now it has been almost two weeks, it never resolved. But I have let it go. Just the fact that I acknowledged my feelings were hurt was all I needed to do. If the other party ever recognizes it really has nothing to do with me. Sometimes you just have to get those feelings out and I did. But when i saw this little quote today on the Suzy Toranto website it just reminded me of getting upset and moving on. (she has some cute stuff there - you should check it out)

Anyways, I am preparing my lesson for tomorrow. The title of the lesson is on "Eternal Perpesctive" i love this lesson. So many good things to talk about. If I can figure out how to get a DVD to play at the right time I think we will start by watching the part in Alice in Wonderland where Alice came to a fork in the road. Which road do I take? she asked. Where do you want to go? responded the Cheshire cat. I don't know, Alice, answered. Then, said the cat, it really doesn't matter.

This road has a quoate by Elder LeGrand Richards said: “God bless you to realize where you came from and the great privileges that are yours. If the veil were rolled back and you could just see one glimpse of God’s great eternal plan concerning you and who you are, it would not be hard for you to love Him, keep His commandments, and live to be worthy of every blessing that He has had for you since before the foundations of the world were laid”
I love teaching Young Women. I know many times I get so much more than they do and my testimony is strengthened.

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