Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{Life is Good}

Okay so life is pretty good here in Phoenix, Az. Don and all the scouts left to go camping on the beach for an entire week. SO you know what that means ??? Cereal for dinner :) I am just home with my three boys and Karleigh. We are getting Karleigh ready to head to girls camp tomorrow. I love girls camp so much. It just didn't work for me to go this year. Don is gone and Morgan will return home late Wednesday night. She went to California to spend a week with her cousin and go to Kayslee's graduation. She comes home on Wednesday night. I think it has been really good for her to take a little trip to the beach. But we will have doctors appointments filing the rest of our week.

So let me ask you this ? What is a mom to do. Dylan turns 17 on Friday. Yesterday he asked me if I have gotten anything for his birthday yet. I said "nope" is there anything in particular you want ? He said well maybe a plane ticket to Indiana. I said "what" ???? What is in Indiana ? He said "a friend I met at EFY" . Eye-ya-eye!!!! My son who has never even acted remotely interested in dating girls wants to go half way across the country to see a girl. He said they have worked it out and he could stay with her grandparents who live close by and I could talk to her parents and we could make sure it is all good. Let me just tell you this is so surprising to me. I guess I have a hard time because I don't know her. But my son says she is a really neat girl and he REALLY wants to go. So I am trying to think of what to do.

SO here are my thoughts - he really needs to get a job. He has been unemployed since spring break. The party is over and it is time to work. The Bank of Mom and Dad is running out of money and he has reached his yearly debit total. SO I am thinking - I give him money for his birthday (and maybe everyone else will also - hint, hint, family) and then if this is what he really wants he will need to purchase his own plane ticket and earn his own spending money. Crazy, crazy huh. Oh if your kiddos are still young - you just wait for all this fun. I love having teenagers and grown kids. But I can assure you I worry way more about them now than I ever did when they were little. But it is always good and so re-assuring when you have tried so hard to teach them correct principles and they come back and say "thank you" for raising me the way you did. So stand-by for further details of Dylan's summer romance. (Good thing she lives in Indiana - she is way cute)

Well, just another fun summer day. I am working on class kits and goodie boxes for my stores. The little boys have basketball camp and then I am trying to talk my kids into going to see College Road Trip with me tonight. It is at the dollar movie theatre and it is that Disney Movie with you know who in it - Donny Osmond. He just makes a quickie appearance. But it looks like a fun show. So we will see. This is what they have been doing most afternoons. I love that all the neighborhood boys like to gather at our house and swim and then hang out in our back room and play games. This is life as we know it and it is good.

As for me. after a long traveling weekend of eating out and drinking way to much diet soda I am ready to do my ISAGENIX cleanse. So I am drinking my shakes today and cleansing tomorrow. I am so ready to feel good - woooo hooooo. Then this weekend we have Creative Escape training. I get to sit back and be a volunteer and just have a good ole time - so excited to spend time with some of my favorite friends.

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