Saturday, May 24, 2008

{What a week}

We survived and I am so glad summer is here. We had an amazingly crazy, crazy week. Karleigh had 8th grade promotion and Morgan had high school graduation. Okay – so you will never believe our graduation ceremony. Let me back up – this week we have had record heat – I think we hit 110 2 days ago and then on graduation night we sat in 60 degrees, blowing wind and pouring rain in the football stadium for Morgan’s graduation. Can you believe it. They had considered moving it inside but then that would only allow 2 tickets per student. So they just crossed their fingers, hoping it would blow over and about 15 min into graduation the thunder began and down came the rain. It was crazy. Who would have ever thought on May 22nd in Phoenix, AZ we would be wet and freezing at graduation ????? It was completely crazy and a graduation no one will ever forget. Anywhoo – I cannot tell you my relief that it is OVER and that she has graduated from high school after missing ½ of her senior year. Wooo Hoooo

Karleigh is now an official HIGH SCHOOLER and she is scared and excited !!!! But lucky for her Dylan will be a senior. Isn’t that every girls dream, to be a freshman and have a very cute older brother that is a senior!!! They get along so well also that it will be so awesome for them to share the beginning and the end of high school together. He will take very good care of her.

As for now – this mom is so happy it is summer !!!!! Now I need to figure out how to keep all these kiddos busy and happy this summer. Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation - let the party begin - they got to sleep in yeah (that means quiet time for mom) I let them sleep in, play with cousins and have the first official summer sleepovers. But, let it be known starting Monday, the freeloading is over! While I promise that I won't make them into my slaves I will expect them kids to work and pitch in doing their fair share around here. I will be working on SUMMER CHORE CHARTS. So if you have any input please share.

As for now any suggestions on how to get girls to stop fighting over and steeling one anothers clothes ????? If I can get problem resolved we will all have a much happier summer.

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