Friday, May 30, 2008

{Every which way}

Well it's been a week since I last posted. There is nothing quite like feeling you are going in a million different directions trying to make sure that everyones needs are being met. One week of summer here and gone. Can you believe it that Morgan has been a high school graduate for a week ??? Better yet can you believe we are already 1 week into summer vacation. I think this is the first morning that I have not had extra kiddos at my house and half of my children are asleep in their own beds. But I am up early because we have a jam packed morning full of appointments. We have had an awesome first week of summer -

  • Dylan is at EFY

  • Morgan started volunteering at her preschool, reading stores to her kiddos

  • Karleigh is an official HIGH SCHOOL student - YIKES !!!!

  • Coleton and Logan started basketball camp

  • Logan's baseball team won the semi final game last night and tonight is in the championship - Woooo Hooooo

  • Karleigh learned how to start a fire with no matches - very impressive (camp certification)

  • All of my kids get extremely tired when they have been doing sleep overs all week.

  • We are excited for swim team to start next week

  • This is Karleigh's last summer before she can be a lifeguard. She is so excited to be able to work next summer as a lifeguard.

  • Marissa is lost in Seattle (not really - she is just working non stop)

  • Morgan is going to her first YSA (young single adult) activity on Saturday
  • My girls and I enjoyed a movie night last night. I never had a sister when I was a teenager, but mine are just not getting along too well. We have lot's of crying and all that stuff going on alot lately. So last night I said we are doing something with just us girls. Even Brittanie joined us and we went to a movie. We saw Baby Mama - so not what I thought it was going to be. A few too many bad words for me - but it was nice to just be together with just my girls.

I can' believe it is already Friday and one week of summer is gone - yikes. I am busy getting ready to go to CKU Houston and juggling my work with kids and summer. Doing lot's of middle of the night and wee hours of the morning work. Hope everyone else has had a great week.

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