Friday, May 30, 2008


Okay here is a sneak peak into the Rusty Pickle Ala Carte class. You need at least 7 pictures. I printed all mine black and white. You can adapt these photos however you like and make it your own but here is a list of the photo's and sizes I used. Basically I printed all mine 5x7 and then cut down to fit. Except the last two pages I had to print on my computer to make the correct size. Each page has a title tag and you can write whatever you want on your tags.
  • a pic of me (5x7)
  • Me & my Hubby (photo space is 5x6 vertical)
  • My kiddo's (photo space is 5x6 Vertical)
  • My friends (photo space is 6x6)
  • My job (photo space is 4x6 horizontal)
  • I love teaching (photo space is 3 1/2 x 9 vertical)
  • Hobbies (photo space 5x9 vertical)

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