Thursday, May 1, 2008

{It's all good . . . kinda}

Well, I am not having a pity party - but I am kinda sad. This is the first year since Karleigh was 3 (She is now 14) that I have not attended Women's Conference at BYU. All my friends are there and I am not. (but remember I am not having a pity party) Okay so maybe everyone is not there . . . My mom and Angie didn't get to go this year either. And my sister-in-laws Jamie and Karen didn't go. So I guess I am not the only one. I am just missing it bad. I just felt it was really important to stay home with Morgan. We are so close to graduation that I didn't want to take any chances to have something go wrong. Because the last thing I would want is for her to have to start this semester all over again. I was really looking forward to spending some nice quality time with one of my very best friends Lynn (we have been friends since we were 14 and now we are really, really old) She is there and so are Carol and Mylie. Then Carol calls and says "guess who I saw". I said "oh I am sure I am the ONLY one not there. But really I know I am not. I am going to try and catch the couple sessions that they will be airing on BYU TV today between appointments.

Last night Morgan was recognized at The Young Women Recognition Night. There were 11 girls who had earned their award and they all spoke about Personal Progress and they did really well. It is so nice to see her getting back out into life again. Baby steps. Hopefully today she will go to school for a few hours and work on her senior essay without any distractions from being at home.

Marissa is alive and well in Seattle, Washington. Actually she is really in Kent, Washington. She will be a work-a-holic until August 1st. So not alot of time to talk to her except for her saying "I am doing good mom, I love you, gotta go"

So I am off to get busy . . . no more thinking about where I wish I was.

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