Wednesday, March 12, 2008

{Why do I do what I do, when I know what I know}

Crazy question isn't it ? But one we probably all find ourselves asking. I was having this conversation with my mom and some friends this week. If I know what to do - then why don't I do it consistently ? Good question that can apply to so many areas of my life.

1) Spiritually - my day is always better when I start my morning with quiet meditation, prayer and scripture study. I mean my day is ALWAYS better.
2) Eating well - I know if have my ISAGENIX shake in the morning and evening I feel great and loose weight. I know if I take my vitamins and Omega-3 I feel awesome and have the energy to accomplish what I need to throughout my day.
3) Drinking my water - I know if I drink lot's of water I feel incredible.

So you would think it is a no brainer right !!!! Why do I have such a hard time with it ??? I think I need to make signs and post them everywhere. Maybe even print some of those horrible pictures of me I would never want anyone to see and post them all over. SO here's to doing what I know I am supposed to do and feeling the way I want to feel - which is GREAT. I mean really - I made my yummy shake this morning at 6 am took my vitamins and I am rockin and rollin. Days like these scare Don and he always asks "what did you take ?"

So I need to finish up my taxes so I can mail them to my amazing uncle. And work on insurance and bills - oh joy !!!!!

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