Friday, March 7, 2008

{Reflections Of Christ}

I just had to share something really amazing that is happening at the Arizona Temple visitor’s center. With the Easter season approaching (sooner than we think this year) our focus turns to our savior. We promise to always remember him and there is now one more powerful tool to help us remember him - to remember that He is REAL - and this witness of Christ does not require membership in the Church or a temple recommend or anything more than simply going to the Visitors Centers at the Mesa, Arizona Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and experiencing the incredible photographic exhibit, "Reflections of Christ" by local photographer Mark Mabry.

You can experience beautifully crafted photographs from a massive project aimed at helping us to better grasp the reality of Jesus Christ. There are about 25 photos in this exhibit, composed during a four-month effort by Mark Mabry with the help of many others. They are accompanied by a special soundtrack of sacred music prepared by local artists specifically for these photos. The story of the making of this exhibit and its music is told in a beautiful 30-minute film that plays continuously in a side room next to the gallery. Reflections of Christ features fine-art photographic depictions of the life of The Savior – it looks simply amazing. We are taking our family to see it at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center on Sunday afternoon.
Click {HERE} to view a peak of the Reflections of Christ

Click {HERE} to view the location and hours of the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors Center

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