Thursday, March 13, 2008

{It's Finally Thursday}

I have gotten so much accomplished this week, it feels great. I made these cute little blankets (love them - they take about 30 minutes each) for Jade and the baby (see how I have such a hard time using his real name and I shouldn't) okay Jade and Marquett. Jade just turned "5" she is such a big girl now. I am very proud of myself for setting boundaries and sticking to them. It's taken this old dog a long time to learn that I can't be everything to everyone all the time. And when I try to be guess who suffers ? My family. So I have keep reminding myself that I can love these little kids and we can be their family, but I do not need to raise them and provide for them. Renee made the choice to be a mom and I need to let her be the mom. Anyways - Jade is so excited to be 5. And she is thrilled that in August she will start kindergarten.
Can you tell by looking at the picture below what season it is here in Arizona - It's baseball season. We are so blessed to live across the street from the baseball field. I literally just walk across the street and watch my boys play ball. But my street becomes the overflow parking lot. But that is just fine if I get the benefit of walking to the field. How blessed we are. We love baseball season and we love this beautiful time of year here in the valley of the sun. Come and visit it is gorgeous.

Well this morning I finally finished up getting all my tax stuff together and sent them away to my uncle (the miracle worker) Copied all the medical bills thus far and sent them to the insurance company and am just finishing up orders. Secured a beautiful cabin in the woods for the Rusty Pickle Retreat this fall. With alot of my to do list done I think I am going be able to go to my scrap table and work on some classes - wooooo hooooo. It feels so good to conquer that to do list. (thanks ISAGENIX - I have so much energy right now it is dangerous) Maybe my house will get clean, but then again maybe not - I NEED to scrap and work on some classes)

Morgan is making baby steps. But as long as we are moving in the right direction is all that matters to me. She is worn out from the intense physical therapy. She says her body feels as though a mac truck hit her. She is now hooked up to a TENS devices. That she wears for a minimum of 3 hours a day. It is awesome - it really works for pain relief and also retraining the nerves. First, they target your sensory nerves, stimulating them to block pain signals and prevent their transmission to the brain. Second, TENS promotes production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reducing substances. I really think this will help in her recovery quite bit. She is doing well with her school work and she really likes her teacher. They communicate mostly through email throughout the day and then he comes once a week to collect assignments and bring new ones. She has been getting out a bit more. If I can find things for her to look forward to then she seems to do well.
Well - lookie there not much time until I start picking up kiddos. Have a great day everyone.

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